[sticky post]Single, Side, Album, Concert Ranking (Modif: 02/02/2016)

Single ranking:

1. Breathless
2. Believe
3. Troublemaker
4. Truth
5. Ashita no kioku

Side single:

1. It's good to be bad
2. Still
3. Yumenikakeru
4. Tokei Jikake no Umbrella
5. Love Wonderland

Album ranking:

1. The Digitalian
2. Japonism
3. Love
4. Popcorm
5. Beatiful World


1. Hope in the Darkness
2. Myabi Night
3. Japonesque
4. Asterisk
5. Kokoro no Sora


1. Rolling Days
2. Hey Yeah
3. Disco Star
4. Take me Faraway


1. The Digitalian
2. 5x10
3. Beautiful World
4. Arafes
5. Popcorn

Top 10

1. Myabi Night
2. Hope in the Darkness
3. Rolling Days
4. It's good to be bad
5. Breathless
6. Japonesque
7. Zero-G
9. Sakura Sake
10. Hatenai Sora

Sans titre

Hello !!! Nice to meet you !!!

My name is Julie and I live in France.
I study in France but I would like to study in a foreign country.
I love Arashi for more than 5 years now but I have never been in Japan. T_T

My ichiban is Sho and my niban is Nino because they are so funny ^^ but I also like Riida, Aiba and MatsuJun too !
My favorite pairing is Sakuraiba and Ohmiya !!!

I love dramas and show with Arashi. I'm very thankfull to every community who sub them.
I think that my favorite drama are Yamada Tarou Monogatary because ther are my two favorite in it (with riida too), Maou and Kazoku Game because I find that Ohno and Sho are really amazing in this two.

My 5 Arashi favorite song are: 1. Believe 2. Ashita no Kioku 3. Truth 4. Breathless 5. always
Bonus : Ai wo utaou <3

I also read fanfiction and I prefer read those where there are my favorites pairings in it but I also like those with Sakumiya, Yama and Sakumoto (In fact I love every pairing with Sho in it ;) ) Thank you for the authors who wright them.

Thank you for read it !!!

Test Arashi
Sans titre

Sans titre 3

Sans titre 4

Sans titre 2

Sans titre 5

Sans titre 6

Yatta ! My two favorite in Arashi are my destinate one and the person who match for me :)


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